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Instant Deposits

Our highly efficient and enhanced tracking platform allows us to provide customers with the fastest available transactions available today.

Token Stability

Stable tokens are designed to maintain their value relative to real currency and make an excellent store of value with very little fluctuation.

Low Cost

A reduced cost will enable transactions to have more value

24/7 Access

The framework is built in such a way that it is accessible on a 24 hours basic thereby ensuring reliability.

Decentralized network

As an open development platform and having the potentials for network ownership alignment where users don’t have to put trust in a central authority. Decentralizing the network allows you to have control over the entire network by distributing the book to all nodes to use the network, even if the server has problems.


IBMISOFT uses one of the safest and most effective security technology measures. We therefore use the resilient strategy of a multi-purpose wallet to ensure that most assets are kept in the cold room for added security.


Truly Decentralized System

IBMISOFT initiative is built on the fact that cryptocurrencies can be stored to achieve a real-time value. We believe that cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world. This is evident in the distribution of wealth and giving access to the usual financial services to people who did not have such an opportunity. We are developing products to enable people to do uique things which may seem impossible today. The IBMISOFT project extends the current Blockchain capabilities in today's world to adapt the technology for economic and social use. Drawbacks in the current financial infrastructure have led to an increasing popularity of alternative financial and banking systems.

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